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Beavers World caters to the students who aspire to crack their PTE and IELTS exam with flying colours. We provide specialized online training in PTE & IELTS and give the best studying experience to the students.We aim to help students with PTE & IELTS exam skills. Our program is well-structured and comprehensive, it is based on the best modern communicative teaching methods and our students are guaranteed the best chance to gain the results necessary to pass Visa and university language requirements. We help you achieve your best score.

Why We Are Better

  • High Pass Rates
  • Online Practice System
  • Flexible Schedule
  • More Authentic Experience
  • Mock Test Sessions
  • Affordable course Fee
  • Sufficient Tips & Tricks

Latest Courses

15 Days
• Study Material
• Online Classes
20 Days
• Study Material
• Online Classes
• Grammar Classes
15 Days
• Study Material
• Online Classes
• Grammar Classes
20 Days
• Study Material
• Online Classes

Our Services

Beavers World excel in providing Online Training In PTE and IELTS. We offer the customised course for every students. We understand the needs of the student and work as per the needs of the students. Beavers World aims to provide:

  • 1-on-1 expert tutorials
  • All Methods & Practice Material
  • Writing Assessments
  • Speaking Assessments
  • Pronunciation Classes
  • Customised Study Plan

Learn More About PTE Test
From Video

We have a series of informative videos to help you understand better the question types for each skill area of PTE Test . Choose from speaking, listening , reading or writing, or watch all of our videos.

For detailed tips on how to approach each question type, enroll our PTE Test Course Programm, which covers most of the questions you will face during the test.

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Namit Sehgal , Delhi

Kanika Verma , Udaipur

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